'Share Safely - CBT tips on tackling Shame. ARC Fitness - Addiction Recovery Coaching'

'Share Safely - CBT tips on tackling Shame. ARC Fitness - Addiction Recovery Coaching'
01:33 Jun 10
'Our final video in our ‘Overcoming Shame’ series.  We hope you found them useful.  At ARC Fitness we seek to change the conversation that surrounds addiction and challenge the existing stigma, shame, discrimination, and blame that can often stop someone from seeking the support that is available to them.  These videos will provide you with simple, yet effective CBT based approaches to help you positively manage and deal with negative emotions that may prevent you from reaching your full potential.  *********************** Watch them. Try them out. See what happens. ***********************  # 5 – Share Safely  Shame thrives in the shadows.   It makes you afraid of judgement and convinces you that if people knew certain things about you, they would reject you. It leads to you keep unhealthy secrets.   You end up withholding parts of yourself from the people in your life and that leaves you feeling disconnected and alone. You feel ashamed.  But what’s the alternative?   It’s intimacy building. When we take a risk and share a bit about ourselves with someone we have connected with, we create an opportunity for them to know us better.   Ask yourself who you could risk being vulnerable with. It might be a friend or family member, a doctor or a therapist or even a group of people with similar experiences. When we share with someone and they meet us with understanding, we end up feeling closer to that person. We feel more connected and less ashamed.    So if you want to feel less shame, find someone you feel you can share safely with.   #noshame  **************************  Credits: Sarah Rutherford Neil Lawson Learning Pool L\'Orchestra Cinematique @The National Lottery Community Fund Northern Ireland' 
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