'Pikachu Workout Lv2 | Full body at home Cardio | Pokemon fitness'

'Pikachu Workout Lv2 | Full body at home Cardio | Pokemon fitness'
03:35 6d ago
'In this Pokemon cosplay workout, we\'ll get in some quick cardio, build muscle, and burn fat! Do each movement for thirty seconds and repeat three to five times.  This video was so fun to make since I got to debut my Leon Cosplay from Pokemon: Sword and Shield. I\'m so happy to do another Pikachu Cosplay workout for you guys.  Follow along with Pikachu and be best like no one ever was!  Play Nice: One handed Plank with an arm Swing 00:22 Charm: Hold a Squat while pivoting on one leg 00:52 Electro Ball: Double Crunch 01:24 Substitute: Jumping Switch Burpees 01:58 Surf: Press Up into Surfing Pose 02:26   My Merch:   

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